Alexander, Ali – Columbia
Anderson, Oral – Jamaica
Barnett, Sarah – Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Bearing Precious Seed – Bibles
Bitun, Richard – Philippines
Byrd, Stephen – Ecuador
Caranguian, Larry – Philippines
Chapman, Ken – Australia
Cottrell, Adam – Thailand
Decker, Joe – Evangelist
Eberhard, Jim – Kenya
Evans, Lawrence – American Gypsies
Fekete, Gheorghe – Romania
Fennell, Bill – WorldView Ministries
Hamilton, Paul – Moldova
Haven of Rest – Akron, OH
Hermann, Dave – Ohio Prisons
Holland, Russell – Norway
Jacob, Richard – Nashville, TN
Jerrell, Butch -Global Outreach Ministries
Johnessee, Bob – U.S. Jews
Jones, Frank – Mexico
Kiem, Joe – Amish Community
Kreh, Eric – Netherlands
Laodima, David – Togo, West Africa
Leake, J.D. – Church Planter-Texas
Lighthouse Children’s – Mexico
Marshall, Joe – AV Signs
McComas, Kenny – Evangelist
Mickle, Ruth – Bible Translator
Morales, Ronnie – Philippines
Murphy, Scott – American Indians
O’Brien, John – Ukraine
Reiner, Seth -un-disclosed
Reinhardt, Jason – Peru
Rice, Jason – Slovakia
Robertson, Kurt – Korea
Robinson, John – Retired-Windward Islands
Rodrigues, David – Printing Ministry
Schick, Ed – Poland
Shue, Jeff – Texas-Mexico
Siekbert, Matthew – Ghana, W. Africa
Smith David Wade – Canada
Spice, Dave – Israel
Steward, Josh – Ireland
Tanner, Jim – Retired-Paupa, New Guinea
Van Horn, Mike – Wallace Legacy Foundation
Vogelpohl, Dana – Scotland
Wallace, Mike – Mexico City, Mexico
Walz, Adam – Taiwan / China
Whisner, Daniel – Ohio Legislative
Whitfield, Duey – Spanish Speaking in US
Woodworth, Eric – Honduras


In nearly every Convention or Association of Baptist Churches, the sending of a church’s mission offering is done through some planned program where distribution is left to the discretion of some Committee within that Convention or Association. Thus, the local Church’s choice is left out. We at Ambassador Baptist Church commit ourselves to a designated amount of monthly support for a definite missionary or mission project, and the congregation receives personal letters and receipts from those missionaries receiving our contributions. By handling our mission giving this way, we feel, as a local, independent, Baptist Church, that we have a more personal relationship with our missionaries and mission projects. We choose to partner with the missionary or mission project of our choice in this way and thus spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world just as the Bible’s commands in … Acts 1:8